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Suspended? OnlyFans was changing their platform in October

Suspended? Maybe

If you’re here reading this then maybe you have heard that OnlyFans, the very well known platform for various content creators in weight lifitng, gaming, lifestyle and NSFW content is wanting to change its entire system to stop any type of NSFW content, at least, it was until today when they said they are suspending that change in October. But like many are showing after seeing this news… it doesn’t seem to be very trustworthy after all the chaos that ensued following the first news of the changes in October. Still, just in case this happens again, a personal website where your fans can go “Just in Case” is ideal, and we can make that happen.

We are checking into various payment systems, from systems that allow such content all the way to cryptocurrencies, and content delivery methods to give an ideal range of possibilities.


Website Building

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We want you to Keep Moving Foward

As a service, we build websites, manage social media and even consult for those looking to start their own business and want to know the in’s and out’s. 

For those coming from OnlyFans, we can see how a website that fans can come to and still purchase pictures, videos and more from you might be the answer.  So with that we are testing the waters and building sites to fill a need. If you want a website, we can get you set up in days. We are working with several payment providers that do not mind the work that is done so we want to provide that to the creators.


We charge a base of $1,600. This will get you hosting and a domain for one year, a website built with wordpress and plugins that will suite your needs. This is not an offer for social media management or monthly website management and editing and I give 2 revisions per client. 

Save More

Because I am testing the waters to see what all works best, I am giving a discount of -$500, to the first 10 that want a website. And Additional -$100 if you shout out our social media on the appropriate platforms, contact us first to get the correct link. So you could simply pay $1,000 for the website after all is said and done.

What is Needed

Contact Us at info@amberhype.com

We will email a list of what we need from you to complete the site as well as an invoice to pay for services when you’re ready. This list will include content, pictures, videos and the like to be used as showcases and the like.

If you would like to speak by phone or net, just list your phone number or platform to contact you on when you email us.


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